September 08, 2017

Sangamam - Matrimonial Service open to Hindu Community

Hello A devotee of Sri. Kanchi Mahaperiyava has initiated a service for matrimony which is open to entire hindu community. I am hereby giving the details.

Those interested may pursue:


Sangamam : A Matrimonial Service

The guide lines and conditions:

  1. This “Sangamam” is open to all people who belong to Hindu Religion.

  2. Our effort is to facilitate people to meet each other and taking it further is the sole responsibility of both the parents.

  3. Our responsibility will be over once we publish matrimonial form.

  4. We will not influence or do any lobbying in favor of anyone in this process.

  5. It becomes the absolute responsibility of both the parent to verify the details and facts given in the enrollment form before proceeding further.

  6. Under any circumstances this blog or blog members will NOT become responsible for any misunderstanding between parents.

  7. Kindly note that this prestigious bon services “Sangamam” is carried out absolutely as honorary services and not a paisa will be charged towards this services.


How to go about it:

Once a devotee comes to know about our “Sangamam” they have to send a mail to the dedicated email  with the request for enrollment form. On receipt of their request, the enrollment form will be sent to them through mail as an attachment. They have to fill up this form with relevant details.
There is a declaration at the end of the enrollment form. When they send back this enrollment form from their email I.D. it becomes an authentic document which implies that the information’s given are correct and true to the best of their knowledge. On receipt of their enrollment form the same will be hosted in our blog on Every Sunday. 
As planned already this “Sangamam” is being launched on Anusham Thiru Nakshatram day. Our Mahaperiyava also will bless not only the initiative of the blog but the brides and bride grooms for their successful family life. Every horoscope will be placed at the LOTUS FEET of Mahaperiyava and seek HIS blessings for overall success.
It is the divine instigation of Mahaperiyava to launch “Sangamam‘and our part is to take it further towards prospective parents. Please tell your friends and relations.

For further information please refer the following link or email:



Those interested please tell and share the information to your near and dear ones. (Please avoid sharing in social medias like facebook, twitter, etc because of the underlying  difficulty in identifying the authenticity)

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